Product visualisation

Let's make your furniture stand out!

Do you need to sell a new product but don’t want to fork out thousands for a photography shoot?

With years of 3D product and furniture visualisation experience, and the latest in rendering technology, we are effectively able to rapidly produce beautiful and eye catching 3D furniture visualisations.

With CGI furniture visualisation you can easily produce product variations such as colour, size and shape.

Not only that, it can be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography studio techniques while still withholding ultra realistic results.

What are the benefits to 3D Furniture Visualisation?

We have teams based in both Bedfordshire UK, and Vienna AT! We have been modelling and rendering furniture items for various brands for many years.

We can take your reference images, engineering drawings, real product or photographs to create stunning 3D furniture representations. This means we can even make a full product catalogue before any product has even been built in real-life.

With meticulous attention to detail, our team will use the latest software to create hyper-realistic renders of your product in any scene, lighting, mood or colour to best suit your product and attract your target market. 

The end result are eye catching and beautiful images which will drive sales from your website or other sales channels.

Material and Colour Variants

One of the most incredible aspects of CGI furniture design, is that you can easily create a series of different images with varying colours and materrials.

This is particularly useful when it comes to product configurators, a customer is then more easily able to find the product to fit their needs.

Attention to detail

We are not the team to just make an "almost" identical product. If your product has gorgeous welds, we can include that. If the product has a slight bend in the center, we will of course add that in.

We have an OCD attitude when it comes to furniture renders. We MUST and WILL ensure it is going to be identical to the real product.


The human eye in the 21st century is very used to seeing product shots. It sees 100's every single day. Because of this, we can use similar studio lighting techniques in a digital environment to emulate real life photography.
The human eye will then see these products and be convinced that they are real products.
We absolutely use that to our benefit here.

Remarkable scenery

Product CGI renders can not only be rendered in any colour but it can also be in any environment imaginable. Your new gaming chair is "Out of this world" so lets put it in space!

If you can think it, we can do it. Your product is going to sit beautiful in the chosen environment and shine above all else.


So how does it work?

Making furniture or product CGI can be broken down into simple steps and we want this to be as a painless experience as possible. We will work with you on each step, guiding you and helping you to get out what your product deserves.

We understand that making the jump to 3D can be a daunting one, but I can assure you, you’ll never go back to traditional methods again.


Send us your plans

Just like other projects, please send us any engineering plans, drawings, sketches, photos and references which show us how your product looks and the kind of end result your looking for

A full brief explaining how your product functions, along with information such as target audience or use case will go a very long way


• CAD or 3D Plans
• Moodboard/References
• Project brief


Initial 3D Approval

We will then get to work modelling your product. We will initially send draft shots showing the model in its basic form. This is the point where you can tell us if you'd prefer the legs to be a little longer or if the backrest could be tilted further back.

Once we have the form correct, we can move to the next step.


• Does the product have all the correct proportions?
• Would you like to make changes to the product itself now you've seen it for the first time?
• Any other comments before moving forewards?


Materials and colours

Other companies overlook the material step but this is by far one of the most important steps. We will work with you to ensure the material of your choice is exactly how you imagine.

We need the materials to be exactly correct or it will not accurately represent your product which is entirely not the goal.


• How is the wood? Or the fabric? Or the marble? Is that exactly like your real life sample? Feel free to send us any real life samples so we can exactly replicate it!
• Are the colours to your tastes or would you like to switch it up for something entirely different?


Final Delivery

We will then render your product in your chosen lighting situation and give it the mood and scenery which will make your product stand out from the crowd..

We will render the product in any resolution sizes you need, this could be for print, website or even social media.


• Need any final tweaks?
• Would you like any more image resolutions?
• Did you want to discuss any additional product renders or angles?

Bring your product to life

Just like how stills for 3D furniture visualisation can put your product anywhere in any colour, we can do the exact same for animations!

Animated product visuals can be incredibly eye catching and gain the interest of a far wider range of people. You can capture peoples attention for far longer than any still image or gallery!

Your product is beautiful. Let us help you to make it irresistible

Shall we get this going?

Why not tell us what you’re looking for.

We are certain that we can give you at the very least some great advice for what type of render would fit your procuct. In the best case, you can let us help you get your product there.

Lets make your product shine!