Exterior Visualisation and Staging services

Need to showcase your exterior visualisation to potential investors and clients?

Gain an unprecedented amount of freedom in your 3D exterior visualisation compared to traditional photography methods.

Our team at Studio Monkriss have the skills, techniques and the very latest software to showcase your project in the best possible light with the highest quality renders possible. Your project will be situated within the most suitable atmosphere and mood to best compliments not only the building itself but also its surrounding and environment.

Whether your CGI exterior visualisation project is a single barn on a mountainside, or a multi-story apartment complex inside a city center, no project is too big or too small. Our team will produce the most attractive architectural visualisations for you.

Why choose 3D for Exterior projects?

By using 3D for your exterior projects, you have so much more freedom than what is possible with photography.
You will have the ability not only display just the building, but also show how it will sit and live with the neighbouring buildings. You can showcase the project in a variety of moods with any atmosphere you like.

Unthinkable scale

Compared to traditional photography projects, using 3D rendering for interior projects allows us to very quickly concept room styles in real-time, throwing out bad ideas and replacing them with good within a fraction of the time needed to fill a real project with real furniture.

Beautiful Neighbours

We understand the necessity to create stunning exterior renders and ensure they coexist perfectly with the neighbors. Not only can we create a stunning building for you, but we can also ensure the neighbors are shown off in their best light.
This is highly important, especially when trying to get the interest of investors

Unbeatable Atmosphere

Atmosphere in 3D exterior projects is crucial to the final feel. It sets the mood and message you need to get across to your investors, buyers or even to sell the idea to the local council for planning permission. The end result is attractive marketing material which presents the 3D exterior rendering of your building with the most favorable perspective to increase your project sales.

Impossible Camera Angles

Have a building in an unfavorable location making it impossible to photograph? CGI Exterior Rendering technology has no such limitations. No matter where your project stands, we can get the shot. These camera shots can be birds eye shots, low angle shots or even take the image through an existing neighbor building! Using 3D architectural visualisation technology for your exterior projects means that absolutely anythig is possible.

So how does it work?

Lets make this as simple a process as possible for you. First you send  us your plans, we will send mockups to you. After you’ve confirmed the mockups we will add the finishing touches. If this works for you, we will move to the final step and polish it off with post processing tools such as, but not limited to, Photoshop.

Its that simple! Our years of experience has fine tuned the architectural 3D visualisation process to make it easier for both us and for you.


Send us your plans

The first step is to send us any plans you have, CAD or 3D. Also include any reference images, moodboards along with a project brief.

We will then review this information and get back to you with a quote and project plan.


• CAD or 3D Plans
• Moodboard/References
• Project brief


Initial 3D Approval

Once we get to work modelling the building, we will send you the initial mock ups for your approval.

These mockups will usually be in white as a "clay" render, which will give an idea of overall lighting and camera angles.


• Is the lighting to your tastes?
• Are the camera angles showing off the parts of your building that are most important to you?
• Do you need to make any changes to the construction itself?


Adding furniture and details

Once the initial 2 steps are complete, we can now start adding the fine details and materials to set your building apart and pop out of itsthe surroundings

Once this step is complete, we will send you the second draft to confirm all the fine details are to your liking and if you want to swap anything out.


• Does the environment, materials and details work with your expected look and feel?
• Is the mood and weather as expected?
• Did you need any more fine details like cars or people?


Final Delivery

The final images are then rendered to their full resolution and we work our post production magic to really make the images POP.

This is the part of the project we love the most, getting to deliver your dream images which will ultimately help you sell your project!


• Need any final tweaks?
• Would you like any more image resolutions?
• Did you want to discuss any additional angles?

Exterior architectural visualisation animations!

Have we already created a series of exterior 3D images for you? Lets push the project its natural next step. We can take the now-constructed 3D model and turn it into a gorgeous 30 second, 1 minute or more video. This 3D visualisation animation can then be used as a Youtube ad, Facebook promotion or directly onto your website!

Nothing is too big or too small, and the final result will be something you’ll want to shout about to others! 

Lets make this project come into reality, lets make a 3D animation for you! 

Exterior visualisations must compliment its surroundings

Let's make your project come to life

Studio Monkriss is here and waiting for you. Lets start with a little chat! You can tell us what your desires our, needs and wants, how much time you have for this project and we can tell you what you can realistically expect from us, and then we can get the magic started!